Access Declined

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You are seeing this message because your IP address has been banned from the XML feeds. The only reason this happens is if someone is hammering the server with repeated requests.

Repeated requests is defined as any amount greater than one per hour per file on a repeated, ongoing basis. There is no reason to access a given file more than once per hour.

Please reconfigure your XML retrieval system to fetch the weather data no more than once per hour. When you have done this, contact me with your web server's IP address, and I will remove your address from the banned list. If you don't send me your web server's IP address, I cannot fulfill your unban request, and I will ignore it.

Please Note: If the IP address you send me:

then you have sent me a private, nonroutable IP address from your internal network. It is impossible for me to unban you based on this address, and I will almost certainly ignore your unban request. If you don't understand why this is, ask someone other than me, or read section three of RFC 1597.

Thank you.